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3 Easy Tequila Cocktails to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If ever you needed a reason to share elegant tequila cocktails, Cinco de Mayo is it. Celebrated on 5 May each year, this Mexican festival commemorates the day when the Mexican Army saw off the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. And inspired by our very own Volcán de mi Tierra tequila, we’re sharing our 3 favourite easy tequila serves and some ideas of what to eat with them, for this celebration of all things Mexican.


Delectable drinks

Whether you’re hosting outside in the garden, or enjoying an evening celebration indoors for Cinco de Mayo, our favourite tequila Volcán de mi Tierra will give your guests a delicious taste of Mexico. Volcán takes its name from a real volcano in the country’s Jalisco state, a tequila heartland. When that volcano erupted thousands of years ago, it covered the area in rich volcanic soil, ideal for growing the blue agave from which Volcán de mi Tierra is made. By blending distinctively citrusy, spicy lowlands agave, with fruity highland agave, Volcán’s craftspeople create their spirit’s unique taste.








For Cinco de Mayo, we’ll be preparing tapas dishes to complement our tequila, which taste just as good inside and outdoors. As you might imagine, the flavours of agave pair wonderfully with rich, spicy Mexican food – and for us that means tacos, stuffed exactly how we choose. We’ll also be setting off the flavours of Volcan’s tequila blanco by cooking some light seafood dishes paired with mouthwatering salsas. And there will be bowls of salty popcorn and sweet potato fries to snack on too.


If you’re inviting friends round for your Mexican celebration, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your tequila know-how. For while most of us have tried Mexico’s signature spirit in one form or another, how many of us know the ins and outs of how it’s made? Read our 7-step guide and while you’re delighting your guests with tequila cocktails and tapas, perhaps you can share a little bit of tequila expertise too.