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Cocktail Time: Sazerac video recipe in Journal19 | Clos19 Germany

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Cocktail time



This season, The Sazerac cocktail is back with a vengeance on the mixology scene. The reason for its success? A simple, yet excitingly powerful blend of Hennessy V.S.O.P cognac, bitters and an absinthe rinse, which makes it a firm favourite among lovers of strong flavours and experiences.

This ancient cocktail dates back to the nineteenth century in New Orleans but its inventor is disputed. Some say the name came from a cocktail made by a New Orleans bar owner trying out a new ‘sazerac’ cognac that he was importing. Others say the cocktail was technically invented by the Creole pharmacist Antoine Amédée Peychaud, who emigrated to New Orleans from the French Caribbean, taking some of the eponymous bitters with him. This ingredient has formed the basis of the Sazerac cocktail ever since, which is why Peychaud is often credited with its invention.


How to mix a Sazerac cocktail – the step by step recipe

  • Put 5 dashes of bitters into a mixing jug. Add the sugar syrup and Hennessy VSOP cognac.
  • Rinse the glass with absinthe by rolling a small measure inside it until it is fully coated. Throw away the remaining liqueur.
  • Add ice into the mixing jug, stir and strain into the absinthe-coated glass.
  • Squeeze lemon peel over the top to release the oils.


  • Mixing jug
  • Bar spoon
  • Hawthorne strainer


  • Lowball glass


  • 60 mL Hennessy V.S.O.P cognac
  • 1 bar spoon of sugar syrup
  • 5 dashes of bitters
  • Absinthe for the rinse
  • Lemon zest 


  • Lemon zest