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The Perfect Host: Moët Wedding Styles | Journal19 | Clos19 Germany

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Perfect Host

Find the Moët champagne to match your wedding style

Brides & grooms, how far are you on your wedding check list?

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  • Next step: menu and drinks…

As part of our collaboration with Moët & Chandon champagne, let us inspire and help you find the champagne that will best match for your wedding style.

The classic wedding

Perfect serve: Moët Imperial

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial is a truly iconic champagne which epitomizes timeless elegance. Alluring and ever-sophisticated, Moët Imperial is the perfect match for those taking the classic route as it has been at the heart of the most glamorous occasions for nearly three centuries. It combines the freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers with the alluring caress of fine bubbles.

Our pairing tip: go white
White fish, white meat or white fruits

The boho chic wedding

Paired with Rosé Imperial

Those breaking away from convention will prefer the subtle beauty of a boho-inspired wedding and opt for a romantic champagne which oozes style. No other champagne better captures the essence of nature and flowers. It surprises the palate with its intense bouquet of red fruits and nuances of roses enhanced with a hint of pepper. Radiant and enticing Moët Rose Imperial will regale vibrancy and joyfulness to your wedding.

Our pairing tip: be creative
Red meat, goat cheese, pepper and red fruits

The Riviera wedding

Paired with Moët Ice Imperial

Inspired by the classic piscine cocktail (famously from the French Riviera) and served on the rocks! Add a touch of Mediterranean charm to your wedding with Moët & Chandon’s most innovative champagne to date. Bursting with freshness, Moët Ice Imperial is the summer wedding drink par excellence.

Our cocktail tip: add a garnish
And garnish with mint leaves or cucumber peel

Once you’ve picked you style and your champagne, choose your bottle size(s). From individual minis, that will give a red carpet touch to your reception, to nebuchadnezzars for a guaranteed theatrical effect, or simply magnums which are a bit more practical.