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Moët & Chandon Champagne Grand Vintage 1995 Bottle 75cL

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You are on our German site. To change country, please do so via the menu. Complimentary nominated day delivery on orders over €155.

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 1995

Gift box with bottle - 75 cL

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 1995

Gift box with bottle - 75 cL
  • Product Details

    A champagne with impressive generosity, Moët & Chandon’s 63rd vintage reflects the maison’s craftsmanship and savoir-faire. Balancing maturity and freshness, it is effortlessly complex. This almost equal blend of pinot noir and chardonnay, with a touch of meunier, tells the story of an excellent year in the Champagne region following several challenging seasons.
  • How to enjoy

    • Service temperature - 10-12°C
    • When to drink - Drink now through 2025+
    • Storage advice - Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place away from vibrations
    • Closure - Cork
    • Health warning - Contains sulphites
    • Alcohol by volume - 12.5%
  • Blend and Origin

    Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 1995

    Grown in a mild and sunny year – ideal conditions for grape maturation – the pinot noir (50%), chardonnay (40%) and meunier (10%) in this champagne were allowed to develop as the sun continued to shine. The end result was a ripe, complex and balanced champagne. 

The story of an excellent year

 A worthy addition to an outstanding collection 
 A worthy addition to an outstanding collection 

Moët & Chandon’s vintage champagnes reflect the cellar master’s personal interpretation of the singular qualities of the year, and often their singularity is what makes them the most interesting. Since 1842 the maison has been carefully crafting vintages, and the Grand Vintage Collection is among the Champagne region’s most outstanding collections of unique and rare champagnes. As much as each vintage is a reflection of the season, it is also a reflection of the minds behind the assemblage. Grand Vintage 1995 tells a story of complexity, balance and maturity.

Perfect conditions for greatness 
Perfect conditions for greatness 

A lacklustre spring in the Champagne region resulted in late but rapid flowering in the vineyards. While the summer was initially unstable, a long period of warm, dry weather from the beginning of June meant conditions for grape development were near-perfect. Indeed, temperatures were higher in 1995 than at any point in all the 30 preceding years. Cooler September temperatures had little effect on ripening, though picking began slightly earlier than usual. The low levels of rain over the summer resulted in powerful chardonnay grapes, while the pinot noir was true to form and finessed.

Land of opportunity 
Land of opportunity 

The growing season in 1995 was a welcome reprieve in Champagne following several difficult harvests. As the largest landowner in Champagne, Moët & Chandon has the luxury of choosing the best grapes, therefore ensuring the originality of a Grand Vintage. And although elevated acidity levels were present in the 1995 grapes early on, winemakers quickly agreed that the champagne would soften with age and develop into a highly collectable vintage alongside those from 1996 and 1997. 

Food pairing:
Savoury and creamy dishes are a perfect match 


Start your meal with flavoursome shellfish such as lobster.


Fish such as salmon in a cream sauce, or grilled tuna steak will work well with this vintage. Or try a conger eel fillet with sea urchins and risotto.


Creamy goat cheese, or deep-fried ricotta with honey will be a splendid finish to a meal.