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Krug Champagne Vintage 1988 Bottle 75cL

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You are on our German site. To change country, please do so via the menu. Complimentary nominated day delivery on orders over €155.

Krug Vintage 1988

Gift box with bottle - 75 cL

Krug Vintage 1988

Gift box with bottle - 75 cL
  • Product Details

    Initially labelled a shy and quiet vintage, the 1988 thrived in Krug’s cellars. It has come into its own after 25 years, revealing its full unique acidity, exquisite structure and crystalline finish. This sensational champagne is full of decadent fruit and spice – and will continue to develop with age. This vintage reflects the best of Krug’s savoir-faire.
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Enjoy in a Joseph glass or white wine glass to fully explore the depth of aroma and flavour
    • Service temperature - 9-12ºC
    • When to drink - Drink now through 2020+
    • Storage advice - Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place away from vibrations
    • Closure - Cork
    • Health warning - Contains sulphites
    • Alcohol by volume - 12.5%
  • Blend and Origin

    Krug Vintage 1988

    A blend of pinot noir (50%), chardonnay (32%) and meunier (18%) grapes from plots across 21 Champagne villages, the 1988 was created in a year of near-perfect conditions. A slow maturation period allowed the sugar levels of the grapes to develop steadily and the acidity levels to build. The result is a champagne of balance, with freshness and maturity working in harmony. 

Exclusively prestige

Unparalleled expertise 
Unparalleled expertise 

Since 1843, six generations of the Krug family have created unique and exceptional champagnes through remarkable attention to detail, slow and careful assemblage and unrivalled know-how. The maison’s visionary founder, Joseph Krug, wrote in his cherry-red notebook the secrets of production, believing that the key to success was undisputed quality in each champagne. And so Krug’s vintage champagnes are the expression of a singular year, created only when there is a story to tell. The 1988 is one such champagne, the first of a trilogy of successive Krug vintages – a feat never again repeated at the maison. 

Time is of the essence
Time is of the essence

With Krug vintage champagnes, time and the art of the assemblage are key to the success of each bottle. Krug prides itself on its patience – vintages will rest in the cellars for longer than is required in Champagne to allow the unique expression of the grapes time to develop and flavours to marry. Krug Vintage 1988 has spent more than 20 years ageing in the maison’s cellars, and as a result has tremendous depth and complexity while still maintaining a unique freshness. 

History in the making 
History in the making 

The harvest season in 1988 was a time of celebration and joy in Champagne. That year, as in all others, candles were lit to honour St Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers, and Krug’s team of pickers headed for the vineyards to gather their bounty. 1988 was a year without excesses, alternating between heat and rain, creating conditions for slow and steady grape maturation. Sugar levels accumulated perfectly, producing the well-balanced fruits for use in this champagne, which has now entered a new, expressive phase.

Food pairing:
This beautiful vintage complements unctuous dishes 


Enjoy with a light starter of sea bass sautéed in butter, accompanied by a simple green salad.


Turbot in a hollandaise sauce will create a charming pairing with the 1988. 


Fruit desserts topped with almonds and carrying a hint of vanilla will deliver a perfect balance of flavours.