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Glenmorangie Pitcher

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Complimentary standard delivery on orders over €155

Glenmorangie Water Jug

Glenmorangie Water Jug

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    Designed to pair with the Glenmorangie tumbler and tasting glass, this bespoke, gently curving whisky jug is inspired by the purity and brilliance of the distillery’s Tarlogie Springs. This unique, dishwasher-safe water jug is made from quality crystal and printed with the Glenmorangie emblem – inspired by carvings on the ancient Hilton of Cadboll Stone.
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    Glenmorangie Water Jug

    Whisky lovers know that adding a dash of water to the spirit works a particular type of alchemy, softening and changing its texture, and opening up its bouquet to reveal intricate layers of aromas and flavours. Keep some water close to hand in this beautiful jug – perfect for enhancing your favourite Glenmorangie.