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DE You are on our German site. Receive complimentary personalisation on all personalisable products until May 28th
You are on our German site. Receive complimentary personalisation on all personalisable products until May 28th

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Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2013

Bold, layered and finessed, Te Koko 2013 captures the essence of Marlborough’s terroir. Wild fermentation and oak ageing creates a splendid Old World interpretation of New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

Food pairing:
Asian spices and seafood complement this wine’s vibrancy


The fresh fruitiness and bright acidity of Te Koko 2013 make it a perfect pairing for seafood. Try pan-seared scallops, salmon tartare or sesame-crusted tuna with a ginger-miso dressing.


Crab with a hint of ginger will pair excellently, as will Thai green curry, with Te Koko softening the spiciness of these dishes.

Bodega Numanthia Termanthia 2012

An iconic red wine made from grapes grown in the Teso de los Carriles vineyard in northwest Spain, the 2012 Termanthia reflects the concentration and intensity of Toro’s unique old vines.

Food pairing:
Robust flavours make the perfect match


This silky red suits meatier seafood such as grilled octopus.


Try seared and roasted duck breast with stewed apples and caraway, or braised veal cheeks and polenta. Or serve a Spanish classic – roasted suckling lamb.


Dark chocolate desserts will complement this wine’s full-bodied flavours.

Krug Grande Cuvée – 164ème Édition

Created from more than 120 specially selected reserve wines, the Grande Cuvée is both luxurious and accessible, equally suited to enjoy with a meal as to a toast at a special occasion

Food pairing:
Generosity requires delicate but richly flavoured dishes


A champagne of such complexity demands the simple smoky warmth of roasted chestnuts or creamy artichoke soup.


The exquisite pairing of black truffles with turbot is one that will not be forgotten.


The explosion of generous flavors will be echoed by a strong aged Parmesan that crumbles and melts in the mouth.