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Ardbeg Large Whisky Tumblers

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#SayItLikeNeverBefore with Jamie Cullum & Clos19.

#SayItLikeNeverBefore with Jamie Cullum & Clos19.

Ardbeg Whisky Tumbler

Ardbeg Whisky Tumbler

  • Product Details

    A must-have for lovers of Ardbeg, these high-quality glasses in Ardbeg’s signature green are perfect for serving singles or doubles of the whisky maker’s peaty single malts.

    Emblazoned on the side and base with the Ardbeg name, and with a sturdy, thick base, these glasses are a pleasure to hold and drink from.

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    Large Ardbeg Glasses Whisky Tumbler

    Your favourite Ardbeg whisky will taste good no matter what, but serving it in the right glass will add to your enjoyment. These beautiful glasses are a pleasure to hold, and the combination of a wide bowl and tapered rim capture the aromas of the single malt perfectly.
    Height: 11cm